Questions I have That I know I will Never Get The Answers To

What was the point of beginning? Even before the big bang. The beginning of the existence of the first thing that started everything. ( this one is deep, it actually drives me crazy )

If There is a God or a creator, then who is the true creator out of the thousands of Gods that are worshiped by people

Why would a God test the very creation that he/she created and then torture it if it sins?

If we decide on one God then Who created God?

Who created the God that created God? I am talking about the start of everything.


What is love? I hear people say it to each other with conviction many times only to end up separating later or declaring that they never loved that person to begin with, and that they just thought that they did.


Why do people hurt the people that they actually really love?


What are we as humans? ( We are water, flesh, bones, and we are walking around, talking, communicating, have our own personalities, habits, but when you think about it on the next level, you begin to ask yourself what actually keeps this whole system of ours up and running and able to be what we are . ( Hope you get that )







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